NZ Delivery MapTrainors Transport Ltd specialise in direct delivery, including bulk consignments and interisland freight.

Rob and his team run consignments as far South as Bluff and regularly operate between Dunedin and Christchurch, as well as into the lower North Island and as far north as Auckland.


The Direct Delivery Specialists // 4 Reasons To Use Us:

  1. Shorter transit times
  2. Bulk consignments
  3. Less handling and damage than other operators - no split consignments
  4. Easier freight tracking


Custom Schedule: 

As a small specialist company we are quick to respond to your needs and operate a flexible schedule. If you have regular consignments with set delivery time frames talk to Rob and team about setting up a custom pickup schedule, there are no extra charges and this may save money.


Direct Contact with Rob.

As he is a driver, as well as manager, Rob knows the game. He will know what you are talking about and will be able to give you a immediate answer on your timeframes and loadings. No more wasted time leaving messages or dealing with a call centre.

Talk to Rob: 0274-344-346.